DD Glumac, Belgrade is the shipping company that provides services of import – export custom trading as well as all the others custom procedures. Our offices are set on four different locations in Belgrade from where custom agents cover all custom units on the city territories, while the non-city units and border-crossing units are covered through the well-connected net of our partners.


We are registered as an authorized consignee/sender of goods so that all goods come directly to our warehouse where our experienced customs officers approach the customs clearance of goods or the implementation of some other customs procedure in the shortest possible time. Thus, manipulation of goods at customs terminals is avoided, costs are reduced and the customs procedure is accelerated. DD Glumac, Belgrade has the banking guarantees for all custom procceedures which allows us to handle the merchandise before paying customs duties, which is especialy important for the temperature sensitive shipments. For import-export of the merchandise that is subject to permits, oppinions and consents (medicine and medical devices, pharmaceutical and biological samples, electric and electronic equipment, etc) we provide the services of intermediation for collecting nessesary documentation (preparation of documents and applying with the competent authorities and institutions).
As part of the service we provide complete transport of merchandise (avio transport, land transport and maritime transport) from and to all destinations worldwide.

For more information about custom intermediation – shipping offered by DD Glumac, Belgrade, please contact us via e-mail or telephone number:; +381 11 7702700
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Temperature sensitive shipments
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