DD Glumac, Belgrade provides the monitors, sponsors and exponents of clinical research with complete logistic services for clinical trials conducted in clinical centers in Serbia.

Fast, reliable and easy import of medication for research purposes, other medication needed in trial, laboratory sets and trial equipment is prerequisite for successful conduct of every clinical trial. DD Glumac, Belgrade is registered with the Ministry of Health Republic of Serbia for import, export, custom, distribution and storing of medication and medical devices which allows us to present ourselves as medication and medical devices importers and to obtain import permits from Medicine and Medical Devices Agency of Serbia.

Medicine for researches requires special caution during transport and often special storing conditions and  maintainance. These shipments are customs cleared as imported, transported and delivered to centres as swiftly as possible with observance of specific instructions for every type of medicine according to the guidelines of GDP. Deliveries to centres are carried out as previously agreed with the monitors of trials and main researchers. The medicine and medical devices are delivered only to individuals incudeed in case trial. We have the possibility of delivering 24 hours per day, every day of the year. Every shipment of medicine is delivered separately, directly to the hands of the receiver. The  temperature’s sensitive medicine is transported in special vehicles for the  control, with constant  checks by the  loggers.
DD Glumac, Belgrade has a warehouse for storing the medicine and medical devices in accordiance with the law of the Republic of Serbia and the guidelines of GDP.

The  temperature sensitive medicine are stored in appropiate conditions, with constant electronic monitoring of the temperatures. Stored medicine are handled with strictly required proceedures, with mandatory documentation of every done operation and with team supervision of the employed pharmacist.

Laboratory kits for conducting clinical trials need to be transported, imported and delivered to centres of trial on time, respectfully to planned visions. DD Glumac, Belgrade shall ensure that the import permits are obtained on time, the shipments to Serbia arrive fast and the import customs clearence and delivery of material to clinics is in the shortest period of time.
The equipment needed for conducting clinical analysis (ECG devices, holters, patients diaries, note-book computers, spirometres, centrifuges, refrigerators and other diagnostical and laboratory equipment) is often subject to the special regime of import and requires the import permits, certificates and assurances. DD Glumac, Belgrade shall obtain all the documentation needed for importing the overall equipment in accordance with the national law and procedures. In accordance with the sponsores requests and CRO companies we can manage the temporary import of the needed equipment which would be returned to the sponsor after it is used in the trial. 
Bio-diagnostical samples are transmited into central laboratories by „door to door“ system, provided with the appropriarte packaging and temperature maintanance material and in accordance with the specific instructions for every transport separately. The samples can be taken over from the centres 24 hours per day, every day of the year and transported to it's destination with the first available flight, directly with single transport.

DD Glumac, Belgrade offers the consulting services about the logistic, local regulations about medicine and medical devices, foreign trade operations, import-export documents preperation, import-export permits collection (for the medicine, medical devices, biological samples, electric and electronic units etc.).  DD Glumac, Belgrade takes over all the logistics so that the monitors (CRO companies) and the clinical centres could be fully dedicated to research work, free of dealing with administration and logistics.
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